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They say they understand. They say they care. They say they will always be there for you. But in your darkest hour when you pick up the phone and cry out, you know for sure that no one is even there.

They say people change. They say it gets better. They say to keep fighting.
But they haven’t seen the future, their words intended to comfort are empty and meaningless. Nothing ever changes, and life has no guarantees.

They’ll tell you medication will help you. They’ll say that talking cures the pain. They’ll push every therapy and drug into your life with promises of a better way to live.
But there is no medication that can change your situation, no amount of words that can erase the past, and no doctor that can prescribe happiness.

The reality is that nothing ever changes, and no overpaid freak with a doctorate degree has any more power to make you happy than you do. No person with all the right things to say can change the way things were, are, and always will be. No pill can be the magic bullet that saves you from the world, and no depth of words can change the events in your life.

So where does that leave us when we pick up the phone but have noone to call? When we cry out and sob, but everyone turns a blind eye? When we swallow the pills and tell the stories as we are told to, but nothing ever changes?

Is death really worse than this? Or is that just what they want you to think?

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